About the KBA


The KALINAGO BARANA AUTE (‘the Kalinago Cultural Village by the sea’) recreates a pre-Columbian Amerindian community in Dominica and currently occupies about two acres of land. Several traditionally built structures including the majestic Karbet, mouinas and ajoupas are prominent features of the facility.This unique Caribbean facility is intended to contribute in several ways to the socio-economic development of the Kalinago people of Dominica.About the KBA

Firstly, the facility provides both direct and indirect economic gains to the residents of the community. These include employment opportunities as well as a ready market for the authentic Kalinago art and craft sold at the facility, agricultural produce and other services normally required by the hospitality industry.

An appreciation and greater awareness of the Kalinago culture is another major expected benefit of the facility. Already, nationals as well as non-nationals are showering much praises to those who had the idea, developed the concept and implemented the vision of such a unique tourist facility.

As a result of this, one can expect much more attention to be devoted not only to the architectural styles of the Kalinago people, but also to the food, music, art and craft, history, beliefs, legends and the list goes on.

The KBA officially began operation in 2006 and was the brainchild of former Kalinago Chief Mr. Faustulus Frederick.

The KBA is located in Crayfish River, about half an hour’s drive from the Melville Hall Airport and 1.5 hour’s drive from Dominica’s capital, Roseau.

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