Karifuna Cultural Group


Today, like the Karina Cultural Group, Karifuna stages regular pulsating cultural performances at the Kalinago Barana Autê.

The Karifuna Cultural Group started in 1979 with the objective of reviving and maintaining the remaining aspects of the Kalinago culture. Over the years, the group has placed the Kalinago culture it’s in rightful place within the context of Dominican culture.

Employing popular theater techniques, the group has attempted to educate the residents of the Kalinago Territory focusing their attention on the many issues and challenges in their lives and helping to find solutions to these challenges.

Karifuna Cultural Group

Over two hundred young persons have been in the group over the years and have been engaged in researching, documenting, and presenting the Kalinago culture beyond the parameters of the Kalinago community. Group members have served and continue to serve the community in various capacities from Carib Chief to members of the Carib Council, to Teachers, Doctors, Sports Officers, Priests, District Development officers, Health and other social workers and church leaders. The group has also nurtured and assisted the development of other cultural groups in the Kalinago Territory.

Achievements: The group has traveled widely making contacts with other indigenous peoples and presenting the Kalinago culture to the world. Their travels have brought them to North and South America, Europe and the entire Caribbean region. They have actively established and fostered relationships with other indigenous groups and organizations world wide.

Karifuna Cultural Group

In 1981, the group was given the E.O. Leblanc Award for the best cultural group in the island and has been awarded on many other occasions for their work in the development and promotion of Kalinago and Dominican Culture. The group has assisted immensely in the island’s tourism thrust and their performance is in constant demand by visitors to the island.

The group operates out of the Platform in Crayfish River which they assisted in building. Their hope is to construct a Cultural Center for the Kalinago Territory that will enable the group and other groups with a well organized place for cultural performances, shows and large gatherings. The group would also use the center to generate economic activities that would create employment for its members and other persons in the Kalinago Territory.

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