The Carib Council

The Kalinago Territory is governed by the Carib Council. Elections to the Council are held every 5 years.

Functions & Powers of the Council

(Sections from the Carib Act)

Duties of the council

24. (1) The Council shall have the custody, management and control of the Reserve, for and on the behalf of the resident of the Reserve.

(2) The Council shall provide for the expenditure for the Reserve of all money authorised by law to be raised for such purpose; to provide the good government and the improvement of the Reserve; and to enforce the provision of this or any other Act relating thereto, and also of all Regulations By-Laws made under this or any other Act.

(3) The Council may endeavour to settle deputes among persons resident in the Reserve but shall not have the right to try cases or impose fines on persons in the Reserve, other then under section 29(4)

The Existing Carib Council

The Councilors and their responsibilities

Irvince Auguiste – Tourism, Hand craft, Culture Development and Special Events.

Kent Auguiste  Health, Social Issues and Community Development.

Christabelle Auguiste – Education, Public Relations and Research.

Derick Joseph – Youth and Sports

Alphonsus Francis – Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Previous Carib Chiefs

See the list of Past Carib Chiefs from 1800 to present.

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